We specialise in playhouses (on the ground or mounted on stilts) and climbing frames.

All of our structures are made of treated solid wood decking timber.   Playhouse roofs are sealed for added protection against the elements (although we don’t recommend storing fabrics in your playhouse).

Some of the features that your structure could include are:

  • Fireman’s pole
  • Slide
  • Windows, either with shutters (cut out holes or knobs to open) or without
  • Window sills (which make great ‘shop window’ counters!)
  • Climbing wall
  • Front door
  • Ball runs, through a pipe which also doubles up at a telephone system!
  • Letter box
  • Bucket and winch
  • Acrylic Bubble Window

You can also add fun accessories, which you can source yourself or we can help you with. We’ve listed some ideas below, and you can find more details and inspiration on our ‘Accessories’ page.

  • Flower boxes
  • Telescope
  • Ship’s wheel
  • Thermometer
  • Door bell (electronic or old-fashioned!)
  • Door knocker
  • Bunting
  • Chalkboards (internally)
  • Fairy lights


Free Consultation

When you book a free consultation with us, you won’t just get a quote for a standard “off the shelf” playhouse. We will build you a custom-designed structure which  makes the best use of your space, and includes the activities that your kids will love .

As part of our consultation, we provide:

  • A 3D picture of what your playhouse would look like
  • A detailed quote breakdown of all materials so you know what things are costing
  • Friendly advice on what other accessories you may wish to add

We pride ourselves on working through the design with you as a collaborative process, so your creative input is very important.

Finally, we are obviously fully insured!