This Little House is defo gnarly in its conception - it is now in a garden in Bristol but the owners live in, and worked on the design from, Australia. They’ll be saying “G’day!” to Oz soon and on their return to Blighty will reap the results of their hard yakka with this beaut! Featuring a cubby house (a playhouse back in Blighty) at the bottom and - grab the sunnies - a veranda at the top, where the the owners might have a (supervised) barbie of an arvo, or maybe a choccy bikkie or two for tucker. Plenty of room for cobbers (or the rellies) with a double swing set, climbing wall, shop windows, and slide for heaps of going off (or a gert lush time, Bristol-style!). We hope that the new owners are stoked with their Little House - we think that it’s bonza! (And for any genuine Aussies reading this - please forgive our bodgy attempt at Australian slang!)