East of the sun, west of the moon – it’s our latest Little House, located in the garden of a family-friendly Bristol gastropub. It might not be visible on a map or on Google Earth but there is no need for a compass as it’s easy to find – just follow the sound of children playing, the delicious smells coming from the kitchen, and the clinking of glasses! A perfect convergence for peaceful past-times… Once you have arrived at this Little House, you can be forgiven for getting lost in fun. From end to end, top to bottom – basically, in every direction – there are opportunities for some proper pub garden playtime! Two towers and two climbing walls, linked by a central bridge, form the core structure here, which is oriented in the centre of a dedicated play area. The two posts will soon be decorated with either flags or a sign, to decorate this distinctive destination delightfully. Built in quality, high grade timber, this Little House will withstand all northly breezes, and looks good from all angles. We think that this Little House is quite simply poles apart from your standard pub garden structure!