The new owners of this Little House would have liked to make it to Camp Bestival this year (Summer 2020), but for obvious reasons they couldn’t. So instead, they decided to bring the festival vibe to a narrow plot in their back garden! Taking the Main Stage, this Little House performs brilliantly as both a venue for festivities, music and play, and, after the gigs, it’s the location for both the afterparty and a snug spot to sleep under the stars. The climbing wall, pole, trapeze and a long top deck provide plenty of opportunity for circus tricks. There is no need for a Festaxi to get to the pitch, and if the weather isn’t kind, the campers can be home quickly! Perhaps it’s not quite the event that this family had wished for for summer 2020, but we think that this Little House celebrates the core Camp Bestival value of ‘family fun,’ brilliantly.