This rad(ish) Little House is adjacent to a herb and veg patch, which is perfect for the new owners, who are peas in a pod when it comes to playtime (or should that be play thyme…)! Let’s not beet around the bush – this lovely Little House squashes the competition to a pulp! We really know our onions when it comes to designing playhouses which get even the most rooted couch potatoes playing. Let-tuce take a closer look at this Little House, which is peppered with sage ideas to get the most from this space. A play platform is a hot bed of activity with lots of options for fun – shall(ot) our Little Housers go via the slide, or the climbing wall? They can rocket over to the other side on the monkey bars, or they can stretch their leg(umes) on the swings. If they want to (pars)nip the pranks in the bud, they can bed down back on the play platform. No ifs, and or but(ton mushrooms) - this Little House is the real dill when it comes to producing a fine crop of capers and we are quite simply green with envy!