Projecting majestically out of a hill in Gloucestershire, this magnificent Little House would make any self-respecting Captain proud. Just as the sea meets ship on the high seas, this splendid schooner fits snugly into the contours of its site, which means that this previously unused, unexciting spot is now the location of endless adventuring for the crew of this new Little House. There is much for a lookout in the crow’s nest of any passing vessel to spot here. Multiple decks at different levels provide ample areas for spotting land. This double decking is mirrored by a couple of cabins – one up high to steer the beautiful brig, and one down below where salty sea dogs can lay their heads for a well-deserved rest. In the event of ‘Land Ahoy!’, the seafarers can disembark via a number of means – monkey bars, climbing net, climbing wall, slide or fireman’s pole (thankfully for them, the plank didn’t make the cut. And yes, that is a carpentry joke). Once the adventuring is done, sleepy sailors can attach a comfy swing (or hammock) of their choice to the swing carabiners on the monkey bar frame, and, like the motion of the ocean, they can lazily rock until they are ready to go adventuring again. We think that this Little House is ready to make waves – Anchors Aweigh for play!