Once upon a time, Little House travelled to a magical land to create a play structure for a family with young princes and a princess, fit to complement their dreamy dwelling. Taking a leaf out of the Fairy Godmother’s book, the Little House team transformed some timber into an enchanted entertainment edifice, free from dragons, witches, ogres, poison apples and all manner of fantasy foes. The main characters in this fable can clamber up the climbing net or across the monkey bars, before taking a rest (no 100 year-long slumbers here) on the raised platform which provides a perfect place for telling tall tales (or sets the scene for a tower rescue or two!). Finally, at the end of the day, our protagonists can slide off and set home in time for a bedtime story. And there are no pumpkins at midnight here – the next day, they can do it all again! This Little House is truly the stuff of folklore, and we are sure that it and its new owners will live happily ever after.