Our team’s dino-saws were busy this weekend, creating our latest Little House for a giganta(saurus) dinosaur fan. There is nothing pre-historic about this roarsome specimen, perfect for carnivores, omnivores and herbivores alike! This Little House is all(osaurus) about making the most of space around an existing shed, encasing it like a fossil in sedimentary rock. The resident budding palaeontologist and his younger sister can have a mammoth play session on this super structure, where they can tri(assic) to swing as high or spin(osaurus) as fast as they can, scale a big (bang) climbing wall, or dip(lodocus) down their slippy slide. Finally, to avoid extinction, they can hide from any passing T-Rexs, high amongst the leaves on their raised platform. There is much fun to be had(rosaurus) on this lovely Little House, which packs a mega(losaurus) punch for play. You really would have to be cold-blooded not to love this Little House – we think that it’s simply dino-mite!!!!