This Little House is perfectly positioned (as far as Pythagoras would be concerned) – forming a precise 90°angle and adding a whole lot of playtime to this garden corner. The entertainment is multiplied by the full range of features included in this Little House, which make up the perfect formula for fun, you might say! The new owners can divide their time between the slide, climbing wall, climbing net, fireman’s pole, monkey bars, and double swing set. The sum total of frolics is increased further by the quadrilateral platform tower, where the owners can rest for a fraction of their playtime. And is that a ship’s wheel that I s-Pi, adding a finishing touch? The fact that the swing arm is separate adds to the value of this mathematical masterpiece, as monkeying around and swinging can happen in parallel! We think that there is a high probability that they will… Even the grey weather can’t ‘subtract’ from the beauty of this Little House. In fact, it is hard to measure up to it – and we figure that this Little House has no equal.