All bow before our latest Little House, a play palace that is truly the King of Castles. Named and newly coronated by its reigning rulers, this regal residence brings eminence to recreation at this exalted estate – royally so! Two thrones (or for us commoners – play decks) are connected by a glorious gangway (bridge to you and me) – these are suitably lofty for their Highnesses. Under one play deck sits a comfortable citadel, waterproof and with shuttered windows to keep an eye out for marauding knights. Under the other play deck, a stately sandpit (with waterproof cover) will keep the mini-monarchs busy. This kid kingdom is resplendent with colourful climbing holds and a climbing net, and a splendid set of swings sends the sovereigns soaring to supreme levels. Suitable then, like the symbolic duo of spectre and orb, a set of slides stands majestically at each end of this family seat – double slides being a first for Little House! This Little House truly is the crowning glory for games and gambols in this glorious garden – we think it a prince amongst playhouses!