This Little House is a prime(-ate) example of how bespoke playhouses can turn the smallest spot into a jungle gym for play! Nestled in a snug side-return, this super swinging structure allows the resident homo-sapiens to go bananas for ape-solutely ages. The new owners, or ‘Three Wise Monkeys’, won’t have time to see, hear or speak any evil, as they will be far too busy climbing, swinging, turning upside down, and sliding to get involved in any monkey business! Their feet will barely touch the ground, as ample opportunities for aerial exploits mean maximized monkeying around. Actual monkey bars lead to a raised platform with climbing wall and fireman’s pole. Multiple swing hooks allow for swapping and adding new swinging accessories as they please, to augment their ape-ish antics. We suspect that even George’s curiosity be satisfied with this Little House, which we think is chimply the best!