This lovely Little House is an elevation for escapades, a robust range for recreation, a prince of peaks for play! In short, climbing its many levels and exploring its terrain is a feat of fun for the intrepid owners of this Little House. They can clamber to the lofty heights from base camp directly via the climbing holds or climbing net, or ascend at a more relaxed pace via the internal mezzanine platforms (or steppes, in peaky-parlance) located inside the tower (or tor, in mountain-speak…).. To cap it off, the cliff climbers can descend in a jiffy using the slide or fireman’s pole, avoiding the need for any hair-raising abseiling antics. After a whole heap of horseplay, a relaxing swing, tucked behind the main structure, is just what these sierra-scalers need. We particularly love the personalised flag planted at the summit – a marker worthy of this marvellous mountain. We think that this eminent Little House is simply the height of fun!