This lovely Little House is an example of how a wish list + careful consideration of the site in question + working collaboratively with our new Little House family = a winning outcome at the end of a few days’ work! You don’t have to be a maths whizz to appreciate every angle of this model, which combines a number of factors to transform a proliferation of vegetation at the end of the raised garden into a total of terrific playtimes. A small bridge leads you to the first platform or little hide, where the Little Housers can take time to count the number of birds that they spot in the treetops. They can then divide their attention between crossing another bridge to platform number 2 with vertical climbing wall, or they can lay straight down and pause for a fraction of a second (or longer!) on their horizontal rope net – the first one of its kind that we have installed. Numerically speaking, all of this adds up to more fun in a tricky spot than your average playhouse (and we me(di)an that!) – we think that the net result of this Little House is certainly more than the sum of its parts!