A playhouse and a pergola – could there be a more perfect pairing for parents and their progeny?! Our latest Little House combo is a match made in heaven, allowing the chaperones to chill under the pergola (sofa to come!) while the children cavort on their comely castle. The fun is doubled when the pergola transforms into a swing set, with room for – you guessed it – two swings! The young partners in play can take in the stunning views from either of the two levels of the play deck, accessed by either slide or climbing wall. The delightful duo can then descend to their playhouse below, where the twain will meet for a couple of hours of rest or imaginative play – the choice is entirely up to the tiny twosome… We have teamed our pretty playhouse/pergola pair with a matching door to access the under-deck storage area in style, and balustrades spanning the top step. We adore this cracking Little House combination – it really is two of a kind!