Here at Little House HQ, we love a tale of daring do, intrepid exploring, and sea-faring shenanigans. Our latest Little House, christened by one of its new owners as ‘Pirate Ship to Lost Island’, promises pirating perils a plenty! These brave buccaneers can search for the invisible isle from top deck, after scaling the schooner’s sides via the climbing wall or climbing net. When the lost landmass finally looms into view, these sea dogs can disembark double quick via the slide or fireman’s pole – after all, time is of the essence when trying to take a tricksy treasure trove with a tendency to disappear without trace. When there is a hiatus in the hunt for the illusive islet, the young raiders of riches can relax on the monkey bars or swing set (or simply repose on the raised platform), until the next glimpse of ground is signalled by the shout of ‘Land Ahoy!’ This galleon’s gadgets of steering wheel and telescope, essential equipment for aspiring adventures, ensure that every potential ‘X marks the spot’ is espied and examined for the crew’s evasive earnings. This lovely Little House will be quite the vessel for these city sailors’ various voyages for years to come, and we think that that, is worth its weight in gold.

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