This epic Little House is worthy of a Shakespearean sonnet – while its balcony is straight out of Romeo and Juliet, there will be no tragedy or family squabbling here! Rather, we shall ‘compare it to a summer’s day’ (sonnet 18) and say that this poetic playhouse, just like April, ‘hath put a spirit of youth in everything’ (sonnet 98). Sitting sweetly in a side spot, surrounded by tulips, this beautiful building is worth a thousand words – giving the Bard a well-deserved break! In fact, he would have a choice of spots to take a respite from writing – the playhouse at the bottom level provides a perfect place to put down one’s pen. Once rested, the view from top playhouse can provide inspiration for a verse or two, or compositions can be created while climbing on the climbing wall or up and down the ladder. Although we are not as prolific with our poetry as William S. was, we can’t stop waxing lyrical about this lovely Little House!