If you go down to the woods today, you’ll be sure to see our newest Little House, tucked away in a wonderful woodland garden in this Bristol suburb. You might catch a glimpse of those tiny picnicking Teds, assembling their garden goodies in the mud kitchen (with two sinks to avoid grizzling or teddy-ous delays to dining). Alternatively, you might spot them snacking on their sarnies on custom benches as they take a break from their furry frolics. There is hardly time to hibernate for the resident cubs, with opportunities for them hide and seek as long as they please on, and under, two platforms and conjoining bridge. The range of accessories (including a slide, climbing wall, fireman’s pole, and monkey bars with double swings) will afford gaily gadding and much playing and shouting! Hopefully by the time 6pm rolls around, there truly will be some tired little Teddy Bears, ready to rest before another day of paws-itivily fur-nomenal fun! We can bear-ly contain our love for this Little House – it’s simply roarsome!