You do not have to dig deep to appreciate the value of this Little House, which holds a treasure trove of adventures waiting to play out! The Captain of this here pirate galleon may have experienced a ship wreck or two already, but no doubt the nautical exploits will continue with plenty more loot to discover… On the high seas (aka playhouse platform), the Captain and his deck hands will be busy keeping an eye out for shore and scurvy sailors seeking to ransack a passing vessel – in between swabbing the deck of course. Once it’s ‘land ahoy!’ and ‘anchors away!’ bold buccaneers can slide, swing or clamber to the sandpit below, where X marks the spot for a secret map or a stash of gold – the possibilities are endless but each one a cracking tale of daring do. Even landlubbers can join in for a swing on the monkey bars, or on the double swing set – but there is not much time to take 5 before the cannons are loaded, the cargo secured, and the compass consulted to set course for the next exciting escapade. In the spirit of a true pirate treasure adventure story, we think that this lovely Little House is a gold-plated page turner.