They say that mighty oaks from tiny acorns grow – we think that this lovely Little House, nestled under the branches of a fine example of the English oak and appropriately christened by its new owners, exemplifies this saying to a t(r)ee. From its roots in an initial design on paper, our team has transformed timber into a majestic play structure proudly rising up from the ground, in the shade of its leafy arboreal canopy. It's not going out on a limb to say that this wooden wonderland is laden with fun features to climb (climbing wall and climbing net), swing (gym bar, double swing set, monkey bars), or to just hang out in the shade (raised platform). When it’s time to make like a tree and leaf, the Little Housers can make a quick descent via slide or fireman’s pole. Simply, there are more possibilities for play than you can shake a stick at (and puns like that are why we ‘stick’ to carpentry and don’t ‘branch’ out into comedy…) Just as the mighty oak symbolises strength, stability and longevity, this tree-rific Little House will stand solidly and beautifully in its surroundings, providing hours and hours of joy, fun, and happy memories for this Little House family for years to come.

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